Weight loss and Toxins

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Do you struggle to lose weight? 

Did you know that there are factors beyond calories that determine our weight? 

Studies have shown that when people lose weight rapidly, the environmental toxins in their blood can go up. If these are not efficiently eliminated via our detox organs, weight loss stalls e.g. via lowered thyroid function and slower metabolic rate.

So, could increasing fat storage be a protective mechanism the body uses to protect us from these toxins?

And could weight gain be a response to what's happening in our gut microbiome, hormones, and levels of inflammation? 

This book provides:

An evidence-based approach to the role toxins play in weight, with 56 scientific citations included.

An overview of the various factors involved in weight regulation:

- Gut health

- Hormones

- Inflammation 

Tips to help you:

- Basic steps to detox

- How to reduce toxins

If you are struggling with your weight, it’s time to understand why and what you can do to change that. 

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Dr Chen is a UK trained MD living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has 14 years of clinical experience in Internal medicine and Family Practice. She now coaches her clients to health using lifestyle measures. Environmental toxins are an important contributor to chronic disease, in this book you will receive her expert analysis on how it affects your weight and health.

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Weight loss and Toxins

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