Plateful Health
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Are you ready to transform your health with the power of plants?

Because if you are, then I have the perfect tool for you - we are all eating at home more, so why not use this opportunity to make new habits and eat for your health? A lot of you already KNOW the power of plants but feel like you don’t have the time, don’t like the taste of veggies, don’t know how to prepare them, don’t know what to buy, or get bloated when you eat them. 

Well, what if I told you there were answers to your concerns? Now is the perfect time to learn and overcome some of these barriers. 

I truly believe that getting more diversity and amount of plants into your diet is a crucial step to a healthy immune system, less inflammation, efficient detoxification, balanced gut health, and forms a solid basis for your overall well-being, and I'm ready to help you overcome some of these barriers and introduce MORE plants into your diet. 

I give you all my expert tips in this ebook. 

What to expect and how you will be supported...   

  • I start with the most important factor - why. I’m giving you the nitty-gritty details of why it is important to include more plants in your diet for overall health and prevention of disease. It has never been more important to start taking charge of our health.
  • Which plants you need to prioritize for optimal nutrition.
  • I give you my gold star formula of WHAT to include every day.
  • I’ve provided 20+ easily actionable tips + ways to get more vegetables in every day.
  • I’m giving away my tricks to meal prepping, batch cooking, and healthy veggie swaps.
  • A full grocery shopping and pantry checklist that will keep you organized and prepared.
  • PLUS, 25+ NEW mouth-watering recipes that are kiddo+hubby-approved, but are still super healthy, nutrient-dense, and gut-healthy. 

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14 pages of education and tips on what and how to get more plants into your diet, plus a shopping list, pantry list, and 25+ new delicious recipes that incorporate plant diversity and nutrient density

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